It  is becoming more and more difficult to keep the Park  looking good as there is a limit to what we can do due to finances and Parks seem to do less and less due to the constraints they have.  Not once this year has the Park been completely and properly cut.  There are always portions that are left undone so it has not looked it’s best this  year.

I started towards the end of November agitating for a good cut for December but it took many visits to the Depot  – which had a tractor unused in the yard! –  and a visit by three supervisors before they did half the Park.

Two Contractors later in Dec. one, whose tractor broke down each day, and 9 brush cutters later the first field was finally cut and the top half of the Park  was the best I could do as the rain kept stopping the work.

I write now, end of January, and the bottom half of the Park is now knee high with the Depot overwhelmed due to the rains.


Every year the Park gets invaded by Burial Society picnics who come on the first 3 Sundays of Dec. and basically monopolise the bottom of the Park. Their car boots are filled with liquor but no incidents occurred. The numbers are getting out of control and we must address this with Parks.


I went to check the Park late in the afternoon and ran into a mob –approx 150+ – fighting, women screaming etc  and my toilet man hiding in the Rec. Centre guardhouse as they wanted to beat him up. I was trapped in the parking area. I called for ADT and 24/7 and fled as soon as I could get out. We cannot allow this sort of behaviour in our Park and need to address this. With no guards and no on site security, only response, we will have to  find a way to prevent this happening or we will end up with another Innisfree.

Thanks to FOFS paying for bags which were handed out to visitors every day by Phineas and Xolani  and their collection and stacking,  the Park did not look like a tip it could have been. Bags were not collected by Parks so we had to make a plan ourselves.

Rose Johnson  – FOFS