On the 6th October I arrived at the Park just 10mins after 4 large vehicles carrying numerous men came to do a raid on the squatters opposite the Park.  By then 6 of them  had already started 3 fires – burning their possessions. I shouted at them from the river bank and the 6 doing the dirty work came down.

By now the one fire started next to the wire fence of Forest Farm – with 2m high dry grass AND the wind blowing- had roared into their property.  The 6, unaware, then  went along the servitude towards PnPay. I could see the plumes of smoke at intervals along the servitude as they made their way along starting more fires.

Fire engines were called – Sandton got lost! But finally Lonehill and Randburg came to put out a now serious  fire. The Care Centre had to be evacuated  – these people are severely crippled – and the cottages.   This all thanks to the arrogant stupidity of  6 Metro Police.  There could have been deaths due to smoke inhalation and/or burnt buildings.

After three weeks of phoning looking for accountability I got  to Mr. Adendorff of the Metro Police. He said  that he had read the riot act to his policemen re. fire. Whether the 6 in question were reprimanded as I asked is not clear.


The rest of the month has been quiet  except for one or two incidents amongst the dog walkers with one  out of control dog and one rather unpleasant owner.

The Park is becoming popular for childrens’ parties – please phone me if you want one.

It would seem there is undue interest being shown towards the W. Bank with major development in mind. FOFS has been involved in trying to get a Dinosoar Park established – with foreign funding – on that bank which would keep the Park ambience. The proposal is with Parks.

We will watch this  as the developments proposed are totally unsuitable and we will fight them.

I have had to paint the Kiepersol tree trunks blue to stop the Sangomas taking the bark.

There has been interest in an up to now, lost grave area. Heather Oosthuizen is dealing with this.

We will watch this closely as the developments proposed are totally unsuitable and we will fight it.

Rose – FOFS