PARK HEROES –  Park guards Gladys and Jacob saw 4  men dashing across the river followed by police. The guards

and Boykie and Bhekie  followed them as they ran along the river, keeping a safe distance. Helicopter overhead.

Police raced round to the entrance of the park and found they had joined in with workers and denied they were

Involved. Thanks to our 4 who positively identified them they were arrested.   They may look as if they are “just sitting”

But they are guarding with their eyes as well.  Well done!

MAINTENANCE – We have now given the big Jungle Gym its annual coat of preservative. There is an upright pole that needs fixing which we will try and do ourselves or find someone. Anyone out there a Handyman? We need you.

Despite promises from Parks Maintenance to paint the dinosaur no action so we got out all our tins of paint and used

The left overs to paint the parts that needed it most and he looks quite cheerful again. Both these  are costly exercises.

THANK YOU – Jackie o’Malley, Lyn Stapleton and Peter Ginsberg who have donated to our fast dwindling bank balance. Peter’s will pay for the platters from Pick’nPay for the Pensioners Party that we and Mary, our sewing lady, give for pensioners in Olivienhoutbosch every year.  They so look forward to this.

EVENTS – Nedbank had a huge all day event of 1000 people for their staff.  We, FOFS. Felt that this was way too

many people for us as far as vehicles/parking and the capacity for the Park and the impact on the fields.  The most

we have  ever had. 400 has been our maximum. We, the Clr and the PCA objected to Parks to no avail.  We just hope it does not set a precedent. I worked with the organizers – extra toilets, busses etc. and the day went well.

Telkom  also had a much smaller event.

Cubs and Scouts come to us and both had events.  One night orienteering for Scouts and cubs for bike badges.

This is what makes F & S such a precious community Park.

Burial Societies – have started coming for their annual picnics at the weekends.

Birthdays –numerous childrens birthdays.

OWLS –  We have resident white faced owls who had two babies. One fell out of the nest and was rescued by a

Walker who took it home, cared for it and when stronger brought it back and re-united it with mother. Story and

Photo on our Facebook – Field and Study Park

DOG PARTY –  This annual event was a great success with the main item being the Dog Xmas cake, iced with

Cream cheese, decorated with red and green Beenos and grated biltong. Each dog got a slice on a paper plate.

Owners well catered for as well.

MARKET –  The Christmas market will be on the 8th December.