The Clean up was cancelled at the last minute due to events over on the bank. Those there were invaded by a number of foreigners – they said zama zamas – who threatened the current leaders and said they would take over. We felt there was a security threat and did not want the public in the Park if there was going to be fighting. We had been told they had guns.

Despite our warnings and Petitions re. that Bank of increasing numbers, Council has done nothing and it slowly increases.

With the absence of the Café, numbers of visitors to the Park have decreased as this was a rare place of peace and quiet to come and sit and enjoy the hospitality of the Café away from city life.

We still have our faithful who love to walk, run and walk thedogs and the children who love our dinosaur. The Jungle Gym is ongoing maintenance. We are currently having the swing repaired for the little ones. We had team building visits by groups of workers and still the picnics and braais.

After months of waiting the picnic tables we asked for from Parks arrived so there are plenty to go around for holiday picnics. We are still waiting for more benches.

Thank you to 15 Saint Stithians boys who came and did a river clean up for us.

With the help of Parks Depts. we planted 300 trees just in time for the heavy rain. The rabbits started chewing the bark off the saplings so it was spraying with vinegar and plastic bags to have them. We were lucky in that bad storm to only lose one sapling and the one in the river was snapped in half. Still to be dealt with by JRA.

The last Market of the year on the 10th Dec. Come on down and enjoy your Park this December. Next year it may be a different experience,