With the rains came our green Park back again  but the continuing lack it has faded.   Colin and his weekend  Park workgroup continue to make a difference all over the Park.  Thank you Colin.


Handri’s last two Xmas Markets – November and December finished off  the Market year,  the Café remains closed thanks to goings on in the Parks Dept. and others involved, robbing so many of their favourite place to be out and enjoy.

No further News of “Adoption”  and padel courts and so it goes on. We shall see what next year brings for our precious open, green space. We need to be aware of the situation.  It is not over.!

Life carried on,  people came and enjoyed our precious green space, and  towards the end of November with Christmas on the horizon groups came towards the end of November for end of year get togethers. Picnic goers as well.


Suddenly early December saw nature take a hand in our pandemic of rabbits at the Rec, Centre and the Park and they started dying en masse due to a lethal disease. Dead bunnies everywhere,  distressing and a health hazard.

Thanks to the quick action of FOFS who contacted  the right people for small wild animals with a crematorium, they spent a Sunday picking up and bagging all the dead bodies they could find to take to the  crematorium, at a cost. Thank you to those who contributed to our appeal for funds.

They still continue to die  in various parts of the Rec. and the Park.

Special thanks to Mica In Parkmore who lent us an open bakkie and driver to take the bags of dead bunnies to the  crematorium.  We SO appreciate your support and also those who volunteerd to come and help. 


FOFS assists and old age home in Olievenhoutbosch and we donated a foot bath for the old folks who all enjoyed using it.