For the first time in years, crime has crossed the river starting with the robbing of the Church group on Sat. who were along the river in a group at the stables end.

Monday night the night guard heard a noise in the mens toilet. She went to investigate and found the door closed with the padlock seemingly in place but easily opened. This has been replaced.

In the morning the Café discovered a tall black bin against their fence with a chair on the other side. Someone had got over into the grounds and had a look. Nothing was stolen.

This criminal activity means we need to BE AWARE of our surroundings when in the Park. Don’t use a cellphone or show you have one or walk alone out of sight. Your safety is our concern.

I have got the guards a ‘fast reaction’ number from ADT and briefed them of the situation.

Pass the word around please while we meet with other parties to try and get to the bottom of this.