With Forest Farm’s latest change of mind regarding the last proposal for the unkempt West Bank over the river,  I had a discussion with Alan Dinnie of the Joburg Property Co. He was unaware of this. He was still under the impression that the  plan to move Forest Town School onto their property was going ahead. He is going to contact the new Chairman.


I still have had no comeback from Stables Management – Fiona Butcher – regarding the financial contribution they have agreed to make to FOFS towards the upkeep of the Park.


After our initial meeting with Bohlale at City Parks head office,  it was agreed that it was pointless talking about the challenges we have if they do not know the Park.  We are waiting for an on site meeting with them which will be in three weeks time.


With Parks “No Budget” for security I had a discussion with Park Rangers who were visiting the Park and they agreed that the priority is to  close the gates at night. He said ADT are opening and opening/closing the gates at a Park in Parkwood and with ADT being the Parkmore  Security provider, this makes sense.

We have discussed this with Mr. Venter of ADT who is prepared to do this and the Recreation Centre Management has also agreed. Times – 5am open – 10pm close or as advised by the Rec. Centre should there be a function.

This will now have to get the blessing of Parks.


Had 13 cars driving round the first field one afternoon. Got them to leave but with no-one to control the booms this is becoming a problem.

Had a sad case of a sick man living in his car in the Park. Tried to find a shelter to take him but he vanished after 4 days.

We have a major soil erosion problem at the wier. Dealing with this.

The Parking area gets more eroded as time and storms come. This is becoming a major problem for us and Parks caused by soil dumping by the Rec. Centre.

Rose Johnson – 10.9.201