I have been away for 3 weeks hence the delay in this news letter.


Due to mixed feelings regarding this proposal the organizers came back and said that they have decided not to come to the Field & Study, one reason being that they wanted to “grow’” the Concerts and we simply are not ideal or big enough for that.


These were not forthcoming from Parks. Having returned from England and it’s glorious trees I am appealing  to individuals, Corporates and Companies to donate a BIG tree to the Park.  Is that not a wonderful legacy to give?  This is “our” tree to those that follow you. This is the RMB tree for instance.


We thank Parks for the new dustbins both the swing type and the drums which are sorely needed.  Could even do with more.


We have had another incident in the Park which brings the number to 7,  6 of which involved a gun.  I posted a crime alert a while back to every member of FOFS and  to the Chronicle who I don’t think thought fit to print it. The public must be aware of their surroundings and who is in them at all times.

We cannot go on like this and I am trying to get a meeting with Parks, the Police, the PCA, both Security Companies – ADT and 24/7 –  in Parkmore and PicknPay. The latter provides the hidden corridor behind the building which is the No. 1 escape route. The squatters are our allies in this and have twice chased criminals for us and ended up being  pepper sprayed once and had a gun pointed at them. The criminal then hops onto Nichol at the bridge and gets a taxi from the scene.

Peter Place has direct open access to the Park at the bottom. The gate was stolen a long time ago. This gives another easy escape route to a waiting car or transport on Nichol.

Please advise me – rose@fofs.co.za – of any experience you may have had that you think I should know about. I need to know.

Rose Johnson.