SPRUIT DAY – SAT. 16TH – World Clean up Day

Volunteers came and joined FOFS in giving the Park and river a clean up. Our Schools did us proud with volunteers from St. Theresa’s, St. Stithians, Redhill, King David High School and Parkmore Scouts who came with 4-5 year olds and introduced them to the environment, each one getting an Eco bag! Thank you to the four men from CAP green division for their part together with all those who came and made a difference to the Park and river. Our precious natural, peaceful haven.

Special thanks to Deena, Arthur, Colin and all the FOFS team who made this such a successful and fun day.

TREES – The precious trees that are an integral part of the charm and natural green cover of the Park and enhanc e the whole Conservation area have been counted and we have close to 1,070 trees!

300 were planted two years ago and the latest saplings which you can see all over the Park have been targeted by
the rabbits who eat the bark off certain types, hence the protective covers we have had to put on some. Watering too is a problem.

INVASIVES – Our Sunday group led by Colin Fargher has made a big difference to the invasives in the Park being one of their major tasks to rid the park of them. Also trimming trees, weeds etc.

Thank you to them.


It seems the closure of the Café was to allow this to be transferred from being under the control of PC to the Parks Department. Therefore should the Park adoption of the Park be granted to Urban Park then the Café would go with it. The 16 months was for this to be ratified by the different Departments. in the Council. We understand this has been done BUT

The heart of the Park remains closed!

We have not heard from Urban Park and are considering steps to stop this “Adoption” from taking place. As for Padel Courts or any development, Environmental studies, those re. Noise, traffic etc. etc. have to be done as well as other issues. These have not been done. The community needs to be informed.

We have to SAVE OUR PARK.

SECOND SPRING – Our second Spring blossoming are the trees below Café.  First is our pink bush now done and these white blossoms on the few trees below the Café are the survivors of the original farm orchard that was there in the time the Park was a farm that belonged to the Arnold family.

They built the grand house in 1936 and turned the land into a small farm, planted the orchard,  had cows, pigs, grew Lucerne and planted the gum trees for the Bark to be used in a tannery South of the farm on the river. The Park is part of the history of Sandton, to be preserved as such.