These two months were SO stressful for me and the Guards. We had heard that Council was going to INsource the guarding and do away with contractors. For us it was rumours, you needed to have an SMS from Council, you had to be ‘on the list’ etc etc

Gladys went 6 times to various offices as did others. I phoned, talked and fought with countless people after our guards were, out of the blue, replaced by strange ones brought in a bakkie and ours were told they weren’t working at the park anymore. It was a Council shambles. I then had to fight to get them back. Same scenario, long story and finally got Gladys and Eugene back. Shocking what they were put through.


The fields continued to get drier and bare patches increased not helped by The appearance of termites again. The Nov. rains have transformed Our Park into the green we love. May it last.


This Annual Day has a wide following of Ratepayer Assoc. and Resident Groups Who encourage those who enjoy our open spaces to come and spend 1-3 hours helping clean up, and generally make our precious spaces better in some way. FOFS sees that the Park needs little cleaning up – so our yearly contribution to this day is to give the historic Jungle Gym Its coat of special oil mixture to preserve the wood.

Sad to say but there was a pitiful turnout from park goers so, as seen On our Facebook, we were a small band of off duty guards, ourselves A single Saints boy earning community points and children from the two Couples who did come along and Lori from the PCA.

Thank you to Parkmore Mica for supplying the oil mixture This year. Thank you to those who did come and showed they care. Thanks to the Good Food truck who dispensed coffee and boerie rolls courtesy Pick’nPay. Thank you Pick’nPay Nichol!

Parks promised us 20 trees which took a while to arrive but are now planted With labour paid for by FOFS. We need sturdy stakes badly. Anyone who can help us out there????

Rose Johnson – FOFS