This entire field above will be developed with Padel courts, Roads and parking.

The Park is a Conservation Area with a Bird Sanctuary and has a History with the area.

This proposal, revealed at the public meeting to inform the community, has now become a full scale development.  What we are currently looking at,  in our park,  has radically changed  in the following ways.

Keep in mind access to the Park is ONLY via Mattie Ave and lower 14th Street greatly increasing traffic flow.

  • Original 5 courts now 8 – 2 suitable for league games
  • The site for these is now in the middle of our big first field with shop,

toilets/change rooms, grandstands and refreshments.

  • Access roads to the Parking on each side of this complex – 98 – and

further parking below on the now developed field.

  • A new Restaurant with deck  built below the field – not casual – which intends

to operate till 10pm at night. Lights, noise – cars, people etc.

  • For casual visitors a small Refreshment area with deli and some seating near

the current play area.

  • A hydroponic farm building in front the River Café to teach the  underprivileged

in front of the existing Café buildings. They will be brought in.

  • Cycling paths, running paths, paved paths, and other ideas were put forward.
  • Should the proposal succeed we will lose our popular Market
  • Urban Parks did not mention to residents during meeting their plans to do big televised padel tournaments with large crowds

FOFS opposes  the commercialisation of this get back to nature unique Park which we have been guardians of for 17 years.  We do not need another sporting facility for padel here.  With your support and sponsorship we could adopt the Park formally and renovate existing facilities and introduce activities like volleyball courts, climbing wall etc.

(2) Roads top – existing Right hand side – New
(6) Refreshments/cloak rooms/Shop
(7) 88 parking bays for courts
(8) New Restaurant with large parking area.
(9) Refreshment area/Unknown