An incident  involving a Park walker who went for a walk with her teenage son round dusk. She is a regular walker.  On getting back to her car parked  under the trees near the gate, once in the car she was confronted by two men with guns. Her watch, phone were taken and it is understood from 2nd hand information that they wanted the car but did not get it.

The police were called but didn’t show up.  She opened a case and was told they would come and take fingerprints. Another no show. Parking near the entrance and walking at that hour is not a good idea.  Park in the main parking where our guards are as well as those in the Rec, Centre.

We and the Park guards were not informed of this and only heard about it 3 days later. ANY incident that happens in the Park must be reported to the PARK GUARDS  who have to record these in an incident report for us and their Company. Since then, a month ago, we have not been informed of anything further regarding this or any other incident.


The fallen tree in the river.   We decided to cut it while the river is so low and can be done. We anticipate heavy rains and this would interfere with the flow. It fell  due to the rain eroding The roots during heavy rainfall.

Persuaded the tree feller to cut the Bugweed on the North down  and an ‘iffy’ tree along the Main road.


I have , for years, tried to get Parks to do something about the soil erosion at the wier. I have had Chris Brooker, the Council’s Stormwater consultant there twice and he made recommendations but nothing happens and every summer we lose more of the River walk and trees fall and the bank is further eroded. 

The bank is now hollowing out UNDER the grass. We have had the edge cut so that it is visible and are putting tape across the bad section.

23 years ago when I first came to work at the Park the river bank was 3m IN FRONT of that cluster of trees At the wier!  Now that it has been eaten from behind the loss is faster.


The rocking boat is now bright red with a new coat of paint.  The Dinosaur is next.  This is a great Opportunity for a fun Corporate team build. COME AND PAINT THE DINOSAUR!


Are battling after not much rain at the end of summer, termites, and wear nand tear. We have asked Parks Not to allow any further big Events on our fields as the impact is just too great.

Rose – FOFS