Forest Farm

Their Committee has now decided to re-think the development of part or the whole of the property. They have had approaches from developers/JPC but, as with us, all is on hold for the next 6 months.  In the meantime they have taken action on the squatter/plastic sorting problem on their land. Pikitup has removed most of it.  They have employed a Security Co. and those using that triangle to sort and sleep have been given till Friday 11th to leave. No bulldozing will happen as promised but the fences will be fixed and area patrolled.

The Park

In the last 3 weeks I have had meetings with the vagrants opposite the Park at their request. While they and we all know they are illegal living there it is time to do something constructive. NIMBYism is alive and well in our area.  They see me working in the Park, pruning trees, a worker replacing bollards etc. etc.  and said they wanted to help with the Park. They willingly gave me all their names and I said I would do a River Clean up with 15  of them.  They were there on time and did a fine job for a loaf of bread and a Coke sponsored by Parkmore SPAR. A  resident kindly donated R20 each. Thank you Parks Depot 406 for bags and collection.

A resident of Parkmore has, for years, been giving a group of 12 men from Lesotho, R20 every Sat. which, pooled, just helped with food. He had got to know them.  Unfortunately two weeks ago the word got round and a large number turned up expecting the same. This was witnessed by a dog walker who verbally abused him and the story, mixed with my use of the vagrants, just got out of hand prompting a discussion between Mr. Roberts of the PCA and myself. I have talked to this resident who also sees the implications and NO further money will be given. I hope this clears the air in the Park and people will now carry on enjoying it without the gossip. Constructive suggestions are welcomed – just call me – 082 784 1933

A meeting was held today 7th  with the Director of Region B, Pikitup, the Police, myself, Mr. Robertson, Forest Farm and council reps. at Italtile. Thank you Italtile. Finally constructive ideas were discussed with Pikitup offering to fund a properly built and managed depot for sorting, receiving and payment on George Lea  and a second smaller one on the lower end of the stables road. This removes random sorting and mess at various places to two. Time will tell.

I  have the names of all the vagrants opposite.  Their spokesperson and a “committee” of three.  As requested by the head of Region B we met those that were there on the 8th, took names, numbers, skill and photograph. I have told them that no further “residents” can be allowed. They will see to this themselves. There is a pool of construction skills there.


When Metro police do a raid they burn the belongings, incl. ID’s  of some of the vagrants, 17 last time.  This is illegal thuggery and totally unacceptable.


Rogan Kiley, doing school Community Service, and I up-pruned all the trees below the first field. Thank you Rogan. Still more to do.


We replaced 6 bollards on the lower road and one has already been destroyed.  An ongoing problem and expense. Cars are getting onto the field from the dog parking road. More bollards needed. WHY must people drive on the fields?!


The inner and outer leaks have now been fixed. Hopefully this will last.

Clean up

Another team from the squatters spent the day pulling out an invasive weed that was taking over along the lower bank of the first field. A good job done.