Other than the Crime Alert it has been a quiet month.


FOFS has been approached by a Company backed by Highveld Radio to stage Concerts in the Park. The facts are:      One Concert a month for 1-2000 people on a Sunday from 2-5pm.          They would be the picnic blanket type of concert.      The concerts would be varied music types.   They are looking at the North end of the field below the River Cafe.  They would be responsible for all aspects, security, parking monitoring, cleaning etc. An entrance fee will be charged for a set number of people. You will be able to book.

 Please let me know what you think of the idea.    Email.    rose@fofs.co.za       Clr. Earp  and the PCA and as many people as possible need to know.                


We had a Company team building event in the Park which was a big success.


FOFS does it’s best to see that the Jungle Gym is kept safe for children, replacing missing planks, and chains as fast as we can. We felt that the whole circuit needed to be checked by a professional as it was costing us a lot doing it bit by bit.

This week – 11th August – we had the whole Jungle Gym inspected and fixed everything that needed doing as it is in the region of 25 years old or more.  We have spent R7000 on it and today 6 men  gave it a good coat of creosote – 40 litres- which it had not had for  years.  We have oiled it with a mixture of linseed and turps every year but it needed the real thing.  We will now continue the oiling yearly till next time.



Some of the dog walkers have got together to pay for a man to pick up the dog and horse pooh that those inconsiderate others pretend they don’t see.  Thank you to them for being pro-active. You will see him wandering around with a spade or raking, he has a bib and a large head of hair.


The dirt parking area which was  “levelled” by the past caretaker has proven to be the nightmare I told him it would, being all sand but he did it anyway and we are now left with the aftermath. It is now so full of dongas from the rain runoff I am at my wits end. We, FOFS, don’t know what to do and it is a job beyond our finances and capabilities. It needs a certain type of filler that wont wash away when the rains come but this is hard to find and we have no vehicle.  Something like coarsely broken brick?  Any ideas/help with this anyone.???


I have been promised 10 trees by Parks for Arbor day which we want to put at the North end should we get them


I have been asking facility maintenance for more big drum dustbins for the lower stable end for two years.   Is there a company out there who would donate three if you have access to them.  FOFS would paint them if necessary. The neat wire ones that tip cost R1700 each!!!

Rose – 082 784 1933